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First female set to participate in regional combine

The NFL implemented a new twist to the combine recently. They’ve set up sort of “mini combines” that are known as regional combines throughout the country. The best participants in each combine move on to what’s called a super-regional combine. I don’t think many of these players eventually make it on to any team’s draft board but you never know who’s going to show up and knock some socks off. Greg Zuerlin made it on a roster last season after takin part in one of the regional combines.

Lauren Silberman is making history this year as the first female to ever register for a regional combine. According to NFL.com, she founded a company called Double Play that helps athletes become better by using video games for virtual training. I don’t know about you, but if I could get better at something by playing a video game, I’m in.

Silberman noted that the new 2012 Milestone rule is what prompted her to sign up. The new rule was implemented at the start of 2012. She would ulitmately love to make a roster, but just for a chance to help the game of football is what she’s really after.

“The opportunity to attend this event could not be more exciting. Getting to meet interesting people and perfect my technique from others could not be more rewarding. … Regardless of the outcome of the tryout, I hope there is a way I can contribute and strengthen the league,” Silberman told NFL.com

According to J.B. Smitts of Weekly World News, “Each NFL team must be composed of equal parts male and female. Of those players, 75 percent must be active at all times, and every active female player must touch the football at least once.” By the way, Weekly World News is a fictional news site that makes stuff up. But what if it were true?

I haven’t heard anything about this rule following through just yet but maybe Silberman, who’s trying out for the position of kicker, can write the script and change the game.


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