Nov 1, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator John Pagano before a game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday Hangover ~ AFC West

I am not sure how it is already Tuesday, but I am still not happy at all about the Chargers big fat loss to the Titans.  How is it even possible to lead the entire game and then just give it away in the last few minutes?  The only thing that is the same on the defense is our defensive coordinator – John Pagano.  Here is where the problem lies, and it has been a problem for too long.  This is Pagano’s second year as defensive coordinator (his 12th with the Chargers) and it is the same bad headache as last year.  The inability to perform in the fourth quarter.

I am sick over the fact that we are playing the prevent defense with the game on the line, there is never any situation where this should be the plan.  You watch any winning team in the NFL and they play to win until the clock has stopped.  PERIOD!  Pagano needs to learn how to close out a game or get a new gig.  Enough is enough.

I am sure that some folks are going to say, well if the offense had scored more than that last Titan TD would not have mattered.  Well, I would agree with you except the fact that the offense did score enough to win the game.  The Chargers had the lead.  Why not play all out blitz to get the ball out of the Titans hands?  You do not run out the clock by allowing your opponent to run down the field.  EVER!!!!!!

I am going to be nauseous until the Chargers are not tied with the Raiders at the bottom of the AFC West.  The stats are not good.  Peyton Manning can do whatever he wants and score all day long.  The Broncos defense if shutting guys down like a teenage girl at a drive in and the team is at 3-0.  Somehow all of a sudden the Chiefs are at 3-0 too!  These two teams are running away with our division and here are the Bolts stinking it up and tied for last place with the Raiders at 1-2.  What the heck?

It is time for McCoy and Pagano to wake up or they will be left with the same result as Turner and there are not enough breakfast burritos in the world to help this hangover out.  Only a nice string of wins and finishing up the game with consistency will do it.

Let’s go!  #OneCharge #IBelieve

ChargerGirl Cindi

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