Sep 29, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews (24) runs for a short gain during the second half against the Dallas Cowboys at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys at Chargers ~ The sweet taste of victory!

I just had an epiphany.  Ok, maybe I knew this before, but today just reassured what I already knew in a big way.  I am addicted to San Diego Chargers football.  Not just football, but the thrill of a Chargers victory.  My epiphany is that I get why people jump out of the bandwagon.  The taste of victory is so much better then the taste of defeat.  While one is sweet and you want to savor it as long as you can, the other is bitter and you cannot wait to get the bad taste out of your mouth.

This would explain why so many San Diegans claim to be Bronco, Patriot or Green Bay fans (just to name a few) because over their lifetime they liked the taste of victory and simply chose their team based on their need.  Well, my Bolt faithful, I know you, like me, do not understand that.  Because, it is not just about the win, it’s about the Chargers win, and that is what we got today.

There were times today when I put my hands on my head and worried.  I would look around at the almost 70,000 other fans sitting with me at Qualcomm and I would see others with the same posture.  But we didn’t give up.  We took our hands off our heads, lifted our heads high and kept rooting for our team.  The Chargers, it has always been the Chargers and it will always be the Chargers and that is why we are who we are.

Victory is sweet and the Chargers beat the Cowboys 30 – 21 on a perfect San Diego day.  Rivers, Gates and Mathews all made the milestones I had suggested they might make this morning.  Rivers threw for his 200th career touchdown, Gates passed Ozzie Newsome for fourth all time in receptions by a tight end and our finally healthy Ryan Mathews got enough rush yards to catch Keith Lincoln (2,698), the become the Chargers’ seventh all-time leading rusher.

Perhaps the victory is sweeter when it is not easy.

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ChargerGirl Cindi

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  • MachoMenos

    Things always taste better when they don’t come easy.

  • tubbs45

    Cowboys #YouGotWhizzedOn
    Such a great game on both sides. Weddle actually got to play safety and shined! Te’o did well, but I must say my stars for the day, Mike Harris, our newest addition Schilling, Keenan Allen, and Gates…

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      Wow, Gates for sure. Allen is finally starting to shine, I think we might just have a star there.

  • Lem

    According to the EXPERTS and the ODD’s makers we have been out-matched in every game this year. We have less talent and a new coaching staff. That less talent and coaching staff have heart and DO NOT GIVE UP. TT has done what he said, when he can he up-grades, how different is that better players coming instead of going. In a few years we could have something very special in San Diego, just keep up the good work.

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      Just imagine what would be happening on the field if we did not have so many injuries. Our time is near.

  • BruisingChargers

    Cindi. I too had my hands on my head when Rivers threw that interception had that “here we go again” feeling but, they finally played a COMPLETE GAME in my opinion. Oh Yeah, what about WoodHead? Dude was a beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BruisingChargers

      Forgot to mention Norv’s reply while being kicked out of the building when he KNEW he was fired, “Chargers are a few years away from being competitive.” Really TurtleFace? We may not make it to the SB this year but, we are playing a heck of a lot better without you here.

      • ChargerGirl Cindi