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San Diego Chargers 7 Round Mock Draft

San Diego,CA- Last year I correctly predicted the Chargers would select Tackle D.J Fluker with the 11th Overall Pick in the NFL Draft. This year I believe the Chargers will select……….

Round 1: Morgan Moses OT Virginia

6-6 325 Pounds

Before everyone says I’m crazy, Tom Telesco worked in Indianapolis for years and they always took best player available.  I believe there is a good chance that 4 of the top 5 corners will be gone by the time San Diego picks at 25, with only Bradley Roby still on the board. Roby could drop a lot, with some off the field issues. Another reason that I believe Morgan Moses could be the pick, is because King Dunlap, who played well when healthy, has major injury concerns with his concussions. King Dunlap will also be a free agent after the 2014 season. The Chargers need a future Left Tackle, and keeping Phillip Rivers a clean pocket is a priority. Moses has ideal length, is well-proportioned and shows good patience off the snap. Moses excels in pass blocking. He has movement skills, but the question is can he generate enough drive in the running game. Moses is more of a future pick, than reaching for a need.

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Round 2: Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB Nebraska

6-3 215 Pounds

The Chargers have needed secondary help for a couple of years. Stanley Jean-Baptiste has excellent height and length for the position. He has the size to matchup with Demaryius Thomas and Dwayne Bowe. He has a strong jam to reroute receivers in press coverage. He breaks quickly on short routes. He is a very solid player, who should start from day one.

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Round 3: Martavis Bryant WR Clemson

6-4 200 Pounds

Martavis Bryant is a tall, lanky WR, who is a vertical threat. Bryant had 17 receptions of 20 yards plus in 2013. He is flexible and balanced with easy body control to adjust and use his length. Bryant reminds me of Malcom Floyd. Chargers need a deep threat while Keenan Allen and Antonio Gates will do short and intermediate routes. Bryant will need time to develop to be a complete WR, but can be an immediate threat on the long ball.

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Round 4: Justin Ellis NT Louisiana Tech

6-2 342 Pounds

Justin Ellis is a large, wide body man who moves well. He attacks with momentum. Ellis clogs the middle to stuff the run with his strength. He is athletic enough to give a pass rush, by pushing lineman back. Ellis could be a reserve that evidentially could be a starter.

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Round 5: Jordan Tripp OLB Montana

6-3 237 Pounds

The Chargers are in need for some OLB help, as Dwight Freeney and Jarrett Johnson are getting older. Jordan Tripp seems to always be around the ball. He recovered 10 fumbles over his career. Tripp should excel as a special teams player with his toughness.

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Round 6: Storm Johnson RB Central Florida

6-0 215 Pounds

Storm Johnson is a natural runner. He has good instincts, with a good burst. Not the fastest, but fast enough to take it the distance. I believe he could be the steal of the draft. He has such great balance, always going forward and getting extra yards.

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Round 7: Tre Boston Safety North Carolina

6-0 198 Pounds

Tre Boston has good athleticism. He is a physical, attacking run defender. Will be a special teams player that can give good depth.

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  • Diegoblue

    I’m not saying your crazy but I just can’t see us drafting a tackle at the 25 spot.. Last year was different we needed a tackle

    • BlueBoltFan

      I agree. If Roby is still on the board, I think he’s the pick at #25. Sleeping in his car while intoxicated is a minor issue. I don’t think it’ll stop many teams from drafting him. I think in the first 3 rounds the priorities are going to be CB, OLB, & WR, unless somebody falls again.

      But if we do go o-line in round 1, I’d be okay with Moses although I’d kick the tires on Kouandjio, too.

      • powderBLUE801

        I like kouandjio too he is a beast

      • Craig Medeiros

        Roby is a good player. When I watch him, he has all the tools. He looks like a top 15 player at times, but other times looks more like a top 50 player. It will come down to how much he wants to work at and stay out of trouble.

    • Craig Medeiros

      I agree if 1 of the top 4 CBs are available. I just don’t think any will be available. Chargers need a future LT. Moses would be a good pick. I don’t think Telesco will reach for need. He will stick to best available. IMO

      • Diegoblue

        I hear you.. I like Moses too he’s a beast but I would much rather have a DT NIX or WR like Lee or even Barr I know he won’t be there ahead of Moses

  • powderBLUE801

    I like the mock but don’t see us picking a OT with the first pick and adding to our already crowded RB group. If we didn’t sign brown it would be a great pick.

    • Craig Medeiros

      Honestly I highly doubt they take a RB. I have watch a lot of film of Storm Johnson and can’t believe he is projected to be a 5-7th round pick. I’m strictly projected him as just too good to pass up.

      • powderBLUE801

        I understand I have some players in mind that I like a lot too.

  • 619chargers4life

    I think your feeling yourself a not much with the first pick lol just saying .

    • Craig Medeiros

      Can u explain? Not sure what you mean.

      • 619chargers4life

        Sorry meant to say , I think your feeling yourself a bit much with your first pick . Also meaning that just because u got the 1st pick dead on last year don’t mean were going OT in the first this year . I think that’s a bit much. I would be shocked but would understand if that happened but still would be shocked lol Mike Harris will be back if he can put down the ice cream sandwiches. Not that I’m saying Harris is a all pro but he did take a big jump last season for what little he played . We can go one more season without drafting a OT early this draft . I can see us taking a shot on a OT in the later rounds in this draft and seeing where he stands before the 2015 draft and if all our OT ain’t worth squat then we get one early in the 2015 draft .

        • Craig Medeiros

          I understand what your saying. I’m not full of myself though. Trust me. Telesco came from Indy. In Indy, for years they drafted best available. Their Defense was below average, yet continued drafting offensive players in round 1. Guys like Wayne, Clark, Gonzalez, Addai, and Brown. Telesco will take best available. He won’t reach. It could easily be a CB, NT, or OLB. Hard to predict who will be the 25th pick.

          • 619chargers4life

            It wasn’t my intent offend you . I’m sorry if I did . I was just saying I think your reaching with OT with the 1st pick . I don’t even think we will pick in the 1 st round to be honest . And I also truly believe TT will choose the BPA

          • Craig Medeiros

            You didn’t offend me. I just wanted you to know, I’m not one of those guys that thinks he knows everything.

          • Loco Bravo

            Really; you bragged about Moses, perhaps you can save face and change your picks starting tomorrow?

          • Craig Medeiros

            When did I brag about Moses? I made a prediction. Everyone else on this conversation has class, you obviously don’t. I’m sure you watch a lot of film and know everything. Loco Bravo. I mean seriously Bravo!

  • Joel Ayala

    I totally see TT picking a LT. I wouldn’t be mad either. Solidified RT last yr. Now LT this year is a good thing. I like this mock

    • Craig Medeiros

      Thanks! I appreciate it

  • Rob Base

    I don’t see LT @ 25 maybe a OG. I think Bolts will get LT in later rounds. I like Laurent Duvernay-Tardif OT/G McGill Canada very versatile player with great attitude 5/6 rounder. As far as the rest great depth and good mock draft.

  • C.Steele

    Craig! That is my Fav Mock so far! I can get with everything up to round 6. I guess this is nitpicking, because 6 & 7th rounders are a stretch to make the team anyways. However, we need DE and OL (specifically G and C) help. I’d rather see TT use those two spots to try to fill those positions. The backfield has 3 quality players, and I think TT will resign both FA backs next year. so I don’t think we need the RB. But, Still love the Mock! #GoBolts!

    • Craig Medeiros

      Thanks man! I don’t see them taking a RB in this years draft either, I just can’t believe Storm Johnson is projected to be a 5th-7th rounder. I just think Telesco will stick to best available and if someone like him is there, he won’t pass.

  • Loco Bravo

    We shall see how you do with the 25th pick of Morgan Moses. If you hit on that one (never heard of him) then we will take you to the Track (Del Mar) in July to pick all the winners.

    • Jason Naviello

      Moses has legit LT ability…only question is his power in run game. Nfl weight program should cure that.

      • Loco Bravo

        Dear Wagon Jason
        The Bolts just picked at # 25, and as you now know is WAS Verrett for our # 1.
        Just what we needed.

  • Michael Maitlen

    Telesco mentioned in a recent interview that he goes into the draft open to the idea of moving up or downt… I’d love to see the chargers make a strong move for Gilbert in the first round. I realize it’s a stretch and who knows what it’d take, but I’m obsessed these days with fixing our depleted corner situation. I’d like to see an athletic corner that will give #1 WR’s a run for their money.

    • Craig Medeiros

      To me Dennard Fuller and Gilbert are really good CBs. I don’t want Roby, and Verrett is a little to small to shutdown big WRs. I expect the top 3 are gone by 25, so if they want a CB they will have to trade up. Telesco came from Indy, who always took best available.

  • Bobby T


    I am looking forward to the draft tonight and cant wait to make all my buddies look like fools at our 8th annual draft party with your info. I have been reading every detail of your predictions for the last couple days…..thanks to you I will look like a “draft guru”. Your insightful and knowledgeable information is very much appreciated. Keep up the great work, you have a bright future.

    Bobby T

    • Loco Bravo

      You are a fool if you follow Medeiros; he is no draft guru. He is not insightful nor knowledgeable, but he made you look like a tool. Good luck with with the remaining picks-we are all watching.

    • Craig Medeiros

      Thanks man! Appreciate it.

  • Loco Bravo

    Dear Craig
    You whiffed on the first round pick – fail.

    • Craig Medeiros

      I failed because I got the prediction wrong? Look at everyone else responses compared to yours. It’s not easy getting a pick right at 25. Everyone else that disagreed with me, did it respectfully. You on the hand, are just a flat out troll. Chargers got a good player.

      • Loco Bravo

        You even second guessed yourself with your last sentence of your original statement when you said: :Moses is more of a future pick, than reaching for a need. The NEED was at CB it was last year and that is why the Bolts were 29th defending against the pass. All I said was you did not have a clue, and you still don’t. I am sure you will NOT take the advice of a long time Chargers fan, if you spent as much time with your young family as you do on the draft then you would have something to boast about.

        • Craig Medeiros

          I don’t have a clue? I predicted last year Fluker when no else did. You said you didn’t even know who Morgan Moses is. Hahaha. Your the one who is clueless. Just cause they didn’t take the player who I said doesn’t mean I’m clueless. Don’t ever question me and my family. You don’t know me jerk.

          • Loco Bravo

            I must have riled your passions, perhaps you should stay with acting?

        • Craig Medeiros

          Take what advice from you? I don’t see you mentioning anything prior to the draft. If your such a genius why don’t you tell me who their gonna get today. Let’s see how great you are. Hey, your a longtime Charger fan. Never second guessed myself. The need was corner, I said they would go best available IMO. Let’s go Bravo, who are they gonna pick. I will give you a big BRAVO if you have enough balls to make a prediction and get it right.

          • Loco Bravo

            I don’t have a clue either; just like the Bolts they have to wait to see who id left over.

  • Craig Medeiros

    Thanks everyone for the conversations. I enjoyed everyone giving their opinion and being respectful except for Loco Bravo. I’m hoping for maybe Louis Nix Morgan Moses or an OLB tomorrow. Go Bolts