San Diego Chargers and Mayor Faulconer have reached a consensus for a Stadium vote in November 2016


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego, CA- The San Diego Chargers and Mayor Faulconer have reached a consensus for a Stadium vote in November 2016 according to Mark Fabiani-Special Consultant to the San Diego Chargers in an interview with Ben Higgins and Chris Ello on Xtra Sports 1360 this morning. 

It had previously been reported in an article by UT- San Diego’s Mark Walker that the San Diego Chargers were focusing their efforts for a new Chargers stadium on a proposition that would replace Qualcomm Stadium and be up for a San Diego countywide vote in 2016.

Walker states in the report that the stadium would cost an estimate of $1 billion, with the San Diego Chargers and its investment partners contributing $400 million, the National Football League loaning the Chargers $200 million. The issue that faces both sides still is where the remaining $400 million needed would come from. 

The Chargers for years have stated that they would not consider building a new stadium at the Mission Valley Qualcomm site, but due to the many challenges the Chargers have faced at other possible sites and the new found stability with Mayor Kevin Faulconer have lead to the Chargers reconsidering the site. The Chargers still state that that a multi-use downtown stadium near Petco Park is their top preference, but continue to be open to all possibilities.

In the report San Diego political consultant John Dadian explained to the UT- San Diego’s Mark Walker  that a countywide vote is the best option.

"“The Chargers are a regional asset and including the entire county is smart.”"

Dadian believes that while the city of San Diego has a strong opposition that isn’t in favor of spending money on sports stadiums, he believes overall that the county of San Diego would overrule the detractors of a new stadium and get a new stadium proposal approved.