Huston Street Tops San Diego Padres Power Rankings


Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

By now you are probably a little depressed after seeing that the San Diego Padres have slipped into the bottom five of just about every MLB Power Rankings list known to man, but the reason is pretty obvious; the Padres are bad.  Not quite Hangover 3 bad, but they have definitely earned the title of Hangover 2 bad. Like Hangover 2, the Padres don’t have many bright spots, but unlike Hangover 2, the Padres actually have a redeeming quality: the bullpen.

The Padres bullpen has been absolutely unstoppable and is outperforming the rest of the team by a large margin, including Andrew Cashner. In fact, the Padres have the number one bullpen in all of baseball, which is exactly why they dominate today’s Power Rankings. Let’s take a look at how the Padres roster stacks up against each other and compare player’s values within the organization.  This is the San Diego Padres Power Rankings for the month of April.

Huston Street: Street had an incredible April, appearing in 10 games and recording 9 Saves in as many chances. In 10 innings Street recorded 13 K, 2 BB and allowed only 1 ER, posting a pristine 0.90 ERA. Street is easily the Padres MVP through the first month of the season. #SaveUsStreet

Dale Thayer: If the Padres have the best bullpen in the league, and Thayer has the best ERA on the team, shouldn’t that put Thayer above Street? No. Unfortunately, I’m a stats junkie. Although he led the bullpen in ERA (0.69) and K (14), Thayer finished the month with only 4 Holds and 1 Win in his 14 appearances. That might be the offense’s fault, but it is what it is.

Alex Torres: When the Padres acquired Torres from the Rays in the offseason, fans probably didn’t bother to read past the headline. I did, and I love this guy. Last year Torres made 39 relief appearances for the Rays and finished the season with a 4-2 record, posting a 1.71 ERA with 62 Ks in 58 innings pitched, holding hitters to a .159 Batting Average. In April he racked up 9 Ks in 10.2 IP, holding opponents to only 1 ER with a .171 BA, resulting in a 0.84 ERA for the Friars. Torres also recorded 1 Win and 2 Holds. Feel free to buy a Torres jersey. Whether or not he is with the team next year, well … can’t help you there.

Chris Denorfia: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Denorfia’s extension is the best contract decision the Padres have made in the O’Malley era. Denorfia is a gritty player who plays his heart out every single game. Denorfia has flourished in the starting role this season and has stats to back that up. “Deno” led the offense in Batting Average (.305) and Steals (5), had the second most RBI (7) and third most Runs (7). It’s too bad that Denorfia will likely go back to his platoon role when Carlos Quentin returns from his injury. But hey, there’s always the chance that “Q” lands back on the DL one game after his triumphant return!

Andrew Cashner: Cashner is easily the Padres #1 starter in the rotation, but he is nowhere near the #1 spot in the San Diego Padres Power Rankings. Yes, he threw a complete game one-hitter. That was nearly a month ago. Cashner excelled in his first 4 starts of the season, accumulating a 2-1 record while striking out 27 and allowing only 4 ER. However, in his last 3 starts, Cashner has posted an 0-3 record, allowing 10 ER in 18 innings while only notching 10 K.

Nick Vincent: Who? If you only look at box scores you wouldn’t know. If you have been (painfully) watching the Padres in person or on TV, you would know that “Nasty” Nick a huge part of San Diego’s bullpen success. In 11.2 innings Vincent struck out 11, allowed only 2 ER and held opponents to a .132 BA (lowest on the team).

Everth Cabrera: Cabrera kicked off the season with 33 hits in April. Only Ken Caminiti (37), Dave Winfield (37), and Adrian Gonzalez (34) have recorded more hits in April while wearing a Padres uniform (if only Cabrera had their power). Cabrera led the team in Runs (9) and stole 4 bases (2nd most on Padres). Cabrera was also caught stealing 3 times (team high) and struck out 27 times. Cabrera finished April with a .289 BA and has flashed his glove on numerous occasions, landing him in the top 10.

Yasmani Grandal: Future, I’d like you to meet Yasmani Grandal. It’s hard to find a catcher that can swing the bat, and Grandal can do just that. Grandal is undoubtedly a future All-Star for the Padres, whether that is as a catcher is up in the air. Fans have been wondering about Grandal’s role as in San Diego with all of the media hype surrounding future backstop, Austin Hedges. Bud Black may have tipped his hand by allowing Grandal to start at first base in place of the struggling Yonder Alonso. Grandal only recorded a .254 batting average in April but had a .424 Slugging Percentage in 22 games.

Joaquin Benoit: Everyone seems to be touting Benoit as the heir-apparent to Huston Street. At 36 years old, probably not. But with a  2.53 ERA in 11 appearances, he is money well spent during the offseason.

Seth Smith: Smith only hit .246 in April but his hits came at the right time. His power hasn’t been a perfect replacement for Carlos Quentin – but hey, the guy is healthy. On top of that, his .354 On Base Percentage led the team. For a team that has needed baserunners, Smith has been one of the only guys holding up his end of the bargain.

Tim Stauffer: Timmy “The Stuff” Stauffer has pitched very well in relief. With a 2.31 ERA in 8 games, look for the former starter take over a rotation spot if Stults and Erlin continue to struggle in May.

Ian Kennedy: Kennedy led the starting rotation in K (37), IP (37), Opponent’s BA (.199), and WHIP (0.95).

Donn Roach: Roach is part of the Padres’ incredible bullpen, but has the “worst” ERA (2.84) while only striking out 4 in 12.2 innings.

Tyson Ross: In April, Ross was just average with a 3-3 record and a 3.88 ERA.

Rene Rivera: To be honest, I’m not big Rivera guy. All I keep hearing on broadcasts is what he has meant to the Padres’ pitching staff and how he’s the best at framing… so here is.

Jedd Gyorko: The guy signs a $35 million dollar, five-year contract and forgets how to hit. Perfect timing. He’s going to need to hit better than.156 on the year to earn that kind of money.

Cameron Maybin: Spider-Maybin returned just in time at the end of April to make the list. And I must say, it’s good to see him roaming center field and on the base-paths again!

Nick Hundley: This guy gets no respect. A .324 average in 17 games. Move Grandal to first, and leave Hundley in at catcher until he cools off. The Padres need his bat.

Xavier Nady: His 3 Home-runs lead the team. His .147 average does not.

Alexi Amarista: He hasn’t hit the ball well this season. But Hey! He plays nearly every position! What’s next, put a catcher’s mitt on him or teach him to pitch?

Will Venable: Last year we got the “good” Will Venable. This year we didn’t. Not yet anyway.

Chase Headley: Mr. Hot Corner wants to get paid for his two good months back in 2012, yet he can’t replicate that performance (or stay on the field for that matter).

Yonder Alonso: *Sigh* Anyone remember when we had Adrian Gonzalez?

Eric Stults: Opponents are hitting .333 off of Stults.

Robbie Erlin: The 5.84 ERA says it all. When Casey Kelly returns, look for him to take over Erlin’s roster spot.

Did I rank Huston Street too high? Feel like your favorite Padre is ranked too low? Leave a comment below and let me know!