NFL Draft 2014: Will the San Diego Chargers trade out of the 1st Round ?


Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego, CA- The past few months we’ve all been discussing who the San Diego Chargers will be selecting with the 25th pick in the NFL draft. Except what if the Chargers trade out of the first round all together in this years NFL draft.

It goes without saying that cornerback is the Chargers top need and if any of the top cornerbacks are available at No. 25 the Chargers will select a cornerback, but what if none of the top corners are available when the Chargers pick ? Then the Chargers could choose to look to trade out of the first round and acquire an additional second round pick.

The Chargers have plenty of needs on defense and acquiring an additional second and third round pick would work in the Chargers favor. The Chargers would be able to acquire four of the top 100 players in a draft experts are calling “the deepest draft in years”.

If Houston, Jacksonville, Minnesota, Tennessee, Tampa Bay and Cleveland don’t select a quarterback, then they may look to trade back into the first round to secure their quarterback. Especially with Cleveland owning the 26th pick in the 1st Round you could see many of those teams looking to trade into the Chargers spot to bypass the Browns and get their quarterback. The Chargers could also trade the pick with a team who doesn’t own a first-round pick . The Washington Redskins and Indianapolis Colts don’t own a first round pick due to trades they’ve made the past few season’s. The Redskins could be very much interested and new head coach Jay Gruden could look to make a splash and want to get into the first round.