SDSU Mom Kim Allen on Son Greg Allen: “This One Plays Baseball”


SDSU’s Greg Allen gets a jump on his 24th MWC stolen base, one shy of his 2013 MWC-leading 25. Photo: Finkelstein.

Mother’s Day and Senior’s Day collided at Tony Gwynn Stadium Sunday with the Aztecs defeating UNLV 3-2 in SDSU’s final home game of the 2014 season. Seven Aztecs scattered seven celebratory hits – Greg Allen (CF), Tim Zier (2B), Ty France (3B), Brad Haynal (C), Steven Pallares (DH), Ryan Muno (1B), and Evan Potter (SS) – that probably went over as hits for their mothers, too.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Allen’s mother Kim – and father Charlie – briefly after the game to talk about their base-stealing (24-of-29), hitting (.313) and sensational fielding center fielder, who went 1-for-4 with a single, a stolen base and a rare error.

JF: What’s it like being in the stands on Mother’s Day and watching your son play baseball?

KA: It’s wonderful being the mother of three children, he happens to be one of them, and it’s a pleasure just being a mom. And we are joyful for all three of them in their successes, this one just happens to play baseball.

JF: What is your favorite part of watching him play baseball:

KA:  Watching him have fun. Watching him enjoy the game. Watching him being part of a team. Watching the team do well.

CA: Actually, it’s pretty tense, after everything is over and you get a chance to reflect, it seems to be more enjoyable at this point. Overall, I’m reflecting on the time since he was four years old and he saw a Padres game and he thought it was the coolest thing to see someone throwing a guy out at first base. Just watching him and tutoring and working with him and coaching him over the years, and the man, it’s really been a joy to me.

Greg Allen takes a cut and adds to his .313 batting average with a single. Photo: Finkelstein.

JF: Is he getting any scouting reports or phone calls?:

CA: He’s working with an adviser and so that’s how that goes in that direction, so he doesn’t hopefully take his mind off playing baseball too much. He’s getting some licks and we’ll see what happens when the draft comes.

JF: Do you have a feel for whether or not he’ll stay on with SDSU another year or, if drafted, whether he’ll consider going into Major League Baseball?

CA: I think depending on when he goes, if he goes high enough, he’ll definitely look for a contract with whomever drafts him, if he doesn’t, he’ll play another year here for State.

JF: Thank you very much, it’s been a pleasure speaking to you!

KA: Thank you.

CA: Thank you.

No. 9, Greg Allen. Photo: Finkelstein.

Greg Allen is a 2011 graduate and four year varsity letterman out of Hilltop High School in Chula Vista. The 6-0, 170 pound SDSU junior was named to the All-Tourney Teams in Mountain West Conference and NCAA regional play in 2013, had the most stolen bases in the MWC in 2013 (25-of-29), and has shown up as a top-30 prospect/player in several pre-season polls year-over-year with SDSU. He has played amateur baseball in both the Cape Cod League and Prospect League.

SDSU’s baseball Class of 2014. Photo: Finkelstein.