San Diego Chargers Malcom Floyd will return for the 2014 season


Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego, CA- San Diego Chargers wide-receiver Malcom Floyd will return to the team for the upcoming 2014 season according to UT-San Diego’s Michael Gehlken.

With the uncertainty many Charger fans were confused when the team didn’t sign or draft a receiver this offseason, but now we know why. The return of Malcom Floyd gives the Chargers the additional proven receiving threat they needed to play alongside Keenan Allen. Floyd’s return also limits the workload of both receivers, as Malcom Floyd due to the emergence of  Kennan Allen can return to the role of complementary receiver that he excelled in behind Vincent Jackson for so many seasons and Keenan Allen will no longer be expected to carry the Chargers entire receiving core this upcoming season.

Most Chargers fans expected the team to go out and find a replacement for Malcom Floyd this off-season, as the Chargers and Floyd himself were unsure if he would ever return to the field, let alone to the Chargers this upcoming season. After Floyd suffered a major neck injury last September against the Philadelphia Eagles and was unsure if he would ever play again.

Until according to UT-San Diego’s Michael Gehlken Floyd met with Dr. Robert Watkins last week and assured him that he was cleared of any risk.

"“The doc said … I’m at risk just like anybody else,” Floyd said Monday. “There’s not really a worry. … I’m feeling good. I think I feel like my old self.”"

Floyd has spent his entire career with the Chargers since signing as an undrafted rookie from Wyoming in 2004. He is under contract through 2015 and plans to retire after finishing his commitment to the Chargers.

"“I’m really taking advantage of the time I have with my teammates,” Floyd said. “I’m getting older, too. I’m probably going to finish out this contract, and then that’s it. I don’t have much time. I’m really taking this time seriously and just trying to enjoy it while I can. For a moment there, I didn’t know what was going on, if I was going to come back or not.”"