Major League Baseball Please Don’t Give Padres Tommy Medica the Cycle


San Diego, CA- Oh only the San Diego Padres could get their first cycle in franchise history on an appeal.

The Padres despite being around for 45 years the Padres have never had a player hit for the cycle in franchise history. The Miami Marlins are the only other team in baseball to never hit for the cycle. On Wednesday Tommy Medica needed just a single to hit for the cycle in the ninth inning, but came up short as the Padres fell to the Diamondbacks 12-6.

The game ended and Tommy Medica became just another Padres player to come close to the cycle and fall short and Padres fans went back to being upset over this underachieving team.

Except Tommy Medica may get the cycle after all.

As according to to Corey Brock of, Tommy Medica’s agent submitted an appeal to Major League Baseball today to have Medica’s error in the 2nd inning of that game overturned to a single. For the Padres getting a cycle through appeal where there’s zero spontaneity or joy to be found would be purest expression of Padreism.

Now I can understand why Tommy Medica’s agent is appealing the ruling as he wants his client to have the cycle on his resume and personally as a Padres fan I do want to finally have a cycle in this franchises history, but not like this. I want the Padres to get the cycle the right way and Padres fans want to be able to enjoy the moment, not just be told it happened because of an appeal.

Please Major League Baseball don’t give Tommy Medica the cycle.

Getting a cycle on a scoring reversal would be a betrayal to Padres fans who have waited patiently for a pure one and this would rob Padres fans of the experience. Padres fans want that moment in time to jump up and down and be ecstatic over the performance. Their wouldn’t even be a video or radio highlight of the moment for us fans to remember it by. Please Major League Baseball let the Padres earn the cycle the right way…don’t give it to them like this.