MLB Failing To Honor Tony Gwynn At The All-Star Game Is Unacceptable


San Diego, CA- Last month the game of baseball lost one of it’s greatest players in Tony Gwynn and yet tonight Major League Baseball failed to mention or even honor the passing of Tony Gwynn at tonight’s All-Star Game.

This is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE.

Major League Baseball failing to honor Tony Gwynn during tonight’s All-Star Game is an absolute embarrassment to the game of baseball and its fans around the world.

I understand that tonight’s All-Star Game was about honoring Derek Jeter the face of Major League Baseball and I’m completely fine with that. Jeter has done nothing but represent the game of baseball with class and dignity his entire career like Tony Gwynn did, he deserved every ounce of appreciation that he was given tonight.

Yet that is exactly why Major League Baseball’s failure to honor Tony Gwynn during tonight’s All-Star Game was unacceptable. Tonight was supposed to be about honoring Derek Jeter and yet by failing to even give Tony Gwynn a moment of silence, Major League Baseballs mistake has overshadowed tonights event. Would it have been to much Major League Baseball to give Gwynn some sort of mention during tonight’s game ? I mean tonight’s game was even the 20 year anniversary of Tony Gwynn scoring the game winning run in the 1994 All-Star Game.

Tony Gwynn’s absence from tonights game has become the No. 1 trending topic worldwide and on twitter.

Tony Gwynn deserved better and every baseball fan around the world knows that, yet the fact Major League Baseball didn’t is shameful, disrespectful and unacceptable.