State Of The Union: San Diego Chargers Offense Week 11


It has been an important bye week for the Chargers. The offense has been able to get healthy, break down mistakes, and get back to physical football. Charger fans can always believe in this offense when Phillip Rivers is at the controls.

The running game is going to be healthiest since week 2. Ryan Matthews will return from his MCL sprain he suffered against the Seattle Seahawks. Donald Brown is fully healthy after suffering a concussion and Branden Oliver will look to bounce back after a few bad games. I do not expect Matthews to get a full workload but a split could be the key to the team. Matthews will try out his legs on the ground and pound but look for Oliver to fit into the Danny Woodhead role on passing downs. I believe Matthews/Brown gets a rushing TD depending on the situation and Oliver could get a receiving TD out of the backfield.

The factor that has killed the passing game is consistency. Rivers has been picked off 80% of the time because the receiver was not in sync with the play. It is very important that offense is on point with play calling and routes. It can kill a passing game when routes are poor which throws off the quarterbacks timing. It is going to take a huge effort from the offensive line but look for Phillip Rivers to finish with 200 yards passing and 2 touchdowns.

The key to the offensive machine is the line being healthy. King Dunlap, Chad Rinehart, Rich Ohrnberger, Johnnie Troutman, and DJ Fluker have to be healthy for this team to succeed. The running game goes through the right side of the line and when they are unhealthy there is no run presence. Every offensive linemen should be at 100% and ready to play. I expect them to go out and massacre the Raiders rush and prove they are a force to be reckoned with.

The only direction to go is up for this offense. They were at the lowest of lows at the start of the bye week and they will pick themselves up this Sunday. It will kick start an important run of games for the team and it starts with this high powered offense.