Trey Kell Wins Starting Point Guard Job For SDSU Aztecs


The SDSU Aztecs have announced that freshmen Trey Kell will start at point guard for the team. He beats out fellow freshmen Kevin Zabo for the job. Kell impressed in the Aztecs scrimmage with Point Loma finishing with 10 points and 2 assists. He looked like the offensive sparkplug they had expected to come off the bench but he was impressive in the start. He will not be Xavier Thames, he is going to be Trey Kell.

Steve Fisher spoke about the decision to start Kell earlier today, ” I think he’ll be consistent and he’ll continue to get better. This is a change for him to have the ball in his hands, and to have to guard a guy that will be coming off ball screens and those sorts of things. He’s done a great job since he’s been here.” You can tell from Fisher’s comments that he is happy with how Kell has developed in the offseason. The program has seen great things with the development of young players and having two point guards capable of starting is a great accomplishment.

Trey Kell is a San Diego hometown product. He went to school at Saint Augustine High School. He played some point guard but was mainly a shooting guard for the school. The most fascinating factor on offense will be when Kell and Zabo are on the court together. The present looks bright for the Aztecs back court but the future is even brighter.