Report: San Diego Padres are looking to make a big headline-grabbing splash

San Diego, CA- The San Diego Padres entered this off-season with one goal in mind.


The San Diego Padres have been mentioned with some big name free-agents and trade targets this off-season in an attempt to improve the offense this off-season, but their is some skepticism among San Diego Padres fans on whether or not ownership will actually spend the money necessary to improve the offense.

Yet according to Buster Onley of ESPN the San Diego Padres are seriously trying to acquire a big-time offensive bat this off-season.

Onley reports that evaluators with other teams in Major League Baseball believe the San Diego Padres are looking to make a big headline-grabbing splash–like signing Yasmany Tomas, for example.

The San Diego Padres haven’t had a decent offense since Adrian Gonzalez was traded to the Boston RedSox in 2010 and last season the Padres wasted a pitching staff that had the 4th best ERA in baseball. Despite their excellent pitching the Padres finished under .500 once again, as their offense was not only the worst in baseball, but was one of the worst offenses in the modern era.

According to Corey Brock of, the Padres are leaning towards keeping Tyson Ross and Andrew Cashner and turning towards free-agency to improve the offense.

I completely agree with this philosophy….if ownership is ready to spend. The Padres could trade Cashner or Ross and improve the offense, but then you’d be taking a step-back as a team and would have an improved offense, but a weakened pitching staff. The Padres current pitching staff with even a decent offense next season will allow the team to compete for a wild-card spot in the National League.

The Padres and general manager A.J. Preller have been heavily pursuing power-hitting Cuban outfielder Yasmany Tomas all off-season. The Padres are also reportedly interested in free-agent third baseman Pablo Sandoval and first baseman Adam LaRoche.

I doubt the Padres will sign Pablo Sandoval, as he is more likely to return to the Giants. Now Adam LaRoche and Yasmany Tomas are serious possibility’s for the San Diego Padres. If the Padres can sign one or even both of those free-agents…that would be a “big headline-grabbing splash” that would excite the Padres fan-base.