No. 15 SDSU Plays Tough In Loss to No. 3 Arizona 59-61


#15 SDSU went into the game knowing #3 Arizona was vulnerable. These team’s met before but this time they are defined by methodical offense and tough defense. It came down to simple mistakes to determine a winner and SDSU had a bit more than Arizona.

SDSU and Arizona are both defined by tough defenses. SDSU comes in with more size in the post which forces teams to attack deep. Arizona has strength out in the perimeter which means teams attack at the rim.

Both teams did exactly what the game plan said to do. Arizona was finding their shots from mid range through smart passes. SDSU continued to whittle down Arizona for the open lane then drove strong to the hoop.

This game was as even as they come. The key factor in the game was free throws as Arizona made 20-24 and SDSU made 13-24. When you lose a game by 2 points, there’s always a key weak point.

SDSU’s starters were dominant as Trey Kell scored 14 points and 4 rebounds, Winston Shepard had 14 points and 6 rebounds, and Dwayne Polee II had 11 points and 4 rebounds. Former Arizona player Angelo Chol had 5 points off the bench, Aqeel Quinn and Dakari Allen each had 4 points.

Aztecs can learn a lot from this loss when it comes to offensive playcalling and defending the mid range. The biggest key for these Aztecs is finding the go to guy in the closing minutes. The ball continues to get spread out, waiting for someone to show up. We are still waiting for that player to emerge and it may not happen until conference play.

SDSU’s next game will be December 4 vs. the University of San Diego at Viejas Arena.