Chargers Halftime Report: Ravens Forcing Chargers Turnovers With 16-10 Lead


At halftime, the Ravens lead the Chargers at 16-10. It is a difference of a possession stemming from turnovers. If the Chargers can force a few turnovers in the 2nd half then they can turn this game around.

The Ravens started the game with an incredibly orchestrated drive. The Chargers defense was shutting down the run but Joe Flacco had perfect timing with his receivers. Torrey Smith made an incredible one handed catch (pictured above) and ran it to the end zone for a 16 yard touchdown.

The Chargers first drive needed to match the Ravens first drive. Elvis Dumervil attacked DJ Fluker from the start and was able to pressure Rivers to throw an interception to Daryl Smith. The Ravens would turn around and kick a field goal.

The Chargers next drive showed life as Rivers kick started it with long passes to Eddie Royal and Antonio Gates. Ryan Matthews took charge and got some good runs down field. Rivers finds Keenan Allen for a diving 12 yard touchdown.

The Ravens drove down the field on their next drive with Justin Forsett leading the charge. Marcus Gilchrist got called for pass interference on Steve Smith but the Ravens could not score from the 3 yard line. They would settle for another field goal and the Chargers defense continued to succeed in the red zone.

Rivers looked sharp on the Chargers next drive slinging it out to all his options. A screen pass to Eddie Royal on 3rd and 2 looked to get the Chargers the first down but DJ Fluker knocked the ball out of Royal’s hands trying to push him up field. The Ravens would recover but once again the Chargers defense put up the wall and the Ravens had to settle for another field goal.

The Chargers needed to score on one final drive especially since they start with the ball in the 2nd half. The Ravens pass defense was covering everything up so Rivers was extending the drive with his legs. They drove down far enough to get Novak a 52 yard attempt which he put in.

At halftime the score is 16-10 and the Chargers get the ball to start the 2nd half. The Chargers defense is shutting down the Ravens offense in the red zone and it has kept them in this game. If they can cut down on the turnovers and force a few then they can edge out a win.