State Of The Union: San Diego Chargers Offense Week 15


The San Diego Chargers welcome the Denver Broncos to Qualcomn Stadium for a huge AFC West matchup. The winner of this game might win the AFC West so this game will be monumental for the season. The Chargers offense got some good looks on a beaten and battered Broncos defense from their Buffalo Bills game last season. There are important things to take note after the last Denver matchup and it might win the ball game.

The Buffalo Bills in their game last week against the Denver Broncos totaled 50 yards rushing from their starters. It would be great to see the Chargers run game help the offense but it cannot be expected. Ryan Matthews is banged up with an ankle injury, Donald Brown has not been running tough lately, and Branden Oliver was stone walled last time against Denver. The Chargers offensive line has barely sustained a run game and so the Chargers can expect to have at least 60 yards to chew the clock but smart passing is how they will win this game.

The Bills were able to attack a few weaknesses in the Denver defense. Sammy Watkins had 127 yards on 7 catches and he was mainly matched up on Bradley Roby. Chris Harris is the Broncos best corner so whether it’s Keenan Allen or Malcolm Floyd against Roby, that has to be attacked always. The big explosive plays will be the deep passes when Roby is burnt by Allen or Floyd but Gates can succeed too. Scott Chandler had 81 yards on 8 catches vs. Denver and that does not bode well when Antonio Gates is your next matchup. Predicate the offense through Antonio Gates and make Peyton salivate as his injured tight end sits on the sideline.

There is no reason that Phillip Rivers is not capable of 250 yards and 3 touchdowns. This game will be won by turnovers so if Rivers can run a conservative, smart offense then that will be the difference against Denver. They will need to convert every opportunity to score and each drive must put points on the board. The offense can exploit enough weaknesses’ but they must execute at all times. The game will be at 1:05 p.m. Pacific on CBS.