State Of The Union: San Diego Chargers Offense Week 16


The San Diego Chargers head to San Francisco to face the 49ers on Saturday Night Football. With 1 less day of practice, the Chargers will need to be on point for this game. There are lots of injuries hurting the team and it will be important for the offense to score early so the starters can get rest.

Ryan Matthews will be unavailable for this game. It’s unfortunate because the Seahawks rolled over the 49ers last week with Marshawn Lynch. The carries are expected to be split between Donald Brown and Branden Oliver. This is a good matchup for Oliver because the 49ers defense has been slow and stagnant. I expect him to get 85 yards on 27 carries so that he can take a bit of the load off of Phillip Rivers.

Phillip Rivers has been battling a back injury all week. He practiced 2 days in a row and was upgraded to probable for the game. Rivers could take this opportunity against the 49ers to embarrass the team. Rivers knows that the 49ers secondary is weak and everything he likes to run could be open. Deep passes, short crosses, and even dump offs to running backs. Rivers will throw for 225 yards and 2 touchdowns because he will use this matchup to systematically eviscerate the 49ers defense.

The 49ers secondary will not be able to stop Antonio Gates, Malcolm Floyd, and Eddie Royal. Gates might go off for 2 touchdowns and 100 yards in this game because the 49ers linebackers are not as dominant as they used to be. Expect Floyd to finish with 67 yards off of a few deep balls. Royal with 43 yards coming off of important 3rd down conversions as he hides in the flat.

This game is exactly what the Chargers need. With the playoffs on the line, a mediocre team to bounce back off of is exactly what the doctor ordered. A few weeks ago it looked like a battle between 2 playoff bound teams but the 49ers have been mediocre and the Chargers are on the cusp of the playoffs.

The Chargers vs. 49ers will be at 5:25 p.m. Pacific on Saturday, December 20. Final score will be Chargers 24-49ers 9. With this game being on Saturday, it will be interesting how it affects the Sunday games for other teams fighting for playoff spots.