Padres Carlos Quentin likely out for the rest of the season


San Diego, CA- San Diego Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin will likely be out for the rest of the season due to more knee pain, that has disabled Quentin all season.

As Carlos Quentin told Corey Brock of he’s not sure if he will return this season

"“Right now, I’m just working to try and get that opportunity.” “But I’m not sure.”"

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According to Brock, Carlos Quentin has damage to the bone in his left knee and will get a second opinion performed on his left knee to determine if there is any further damage.

Padres placed Carlos Quentin on the disabled list last week once again with a bone bruise to his left knee.

Quentin began the season on the DL after suffering a bone bruise to his left knee in Spring Training that forced him to miss the first 39 games of the season. Quentin has spent most of the season on the disabled list and even when healthy has struggled to stay in the lineup on a consistent basis.

Quentin in only 130 at-bats this season has struggled mightily, batting only .177 with four home runs and 18 RBI.

Since being acquired by the Padres from the White Sox in 2011 and signing a 4-year $37.5 million contract extension in 2012, Carlos Quentin has constantly struggled to remain on the field. In his three seasons with the Padres, Quentin has only played in 218 games, batting .251 with 33 home runs and 108 RBIs.

Carlos Quentin is currently making $9.5 million this year and still has another two seasons remaining on his contract. The Padres were hoping to possibly trade Quentin at the deadline to an American League team needing a designated hitter, as Quentin no longer has the durability to play in the field anymore. Unfortunately Quentin has struggled at the plate and has received little interest on the trade market due to many teams questioning his durability to even be a designated hitter.

One of the biggest obstacles the Padres new GM will face this off-season is what to do with Carlos Quentin.

The Padres will hope to restructure Quentin’s contract, as one of the biggest issues with the Padres this season has been the fact that they had $25 million invested in Chase HeadleyCameron Maybin, Carlos Quentin and received no production in return.

According to UT-San Diego’s Dennis Lin the Padres new GM will probably not want to waste a roster spot or be motivated to keep Quentin around.

Another possibility is that Carlos Quentin could do the Padres a favor and just retire to save them the salary. The Padres have been supportive and given Quentin every opportunity to get healthy the past few seasons. Unfortunately for both sides it just hasn’t worked out.

In a conversation during spring training with UT-San Diego’s Kevin Acee, Quentin mentioned that he contemplated retiring last season and based on his inability to stay on the field again this season and the Padres needing to use his salary to acquire impact bats this off-season, Quentin may do the Padres a favor and just retire.